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The commitment of the Manouchehri House to the legacy of traditional Persian arts and crafts has led to a unique collaboration with local textile weavers. Kashan was once revered as a center for textile arts in Iran, and the woven treasures of this region, whether silk, velvet, or cotton, were being traded the world over. Until a more recent past, some aspect of textile production – spinning, dyeing, weaving – was present in almost every household in the city.

In a concerted effort to ensure that these skills not only endure, but also prosper a section of the Manouchehri House has been allocated to its own textile workshop where an ongoing exchange of know-how and craftsmanship supports the revival and sustenance of these arts. Guests are welcome to visit the textile workshop located in the spacious basement of the building, and meet master weavers --Mr. Yaallah, Mr. Taleh and Mr. Aghamirza-- operating the brocade and velvet weaving looms. The silk and cotton weaving looms are housed in a neighboring building also part of the Manouchehri House complex. The refined creations of these looms are available for purchase at the gift shop of the hotel.

Workshop Gallery